Kindi Kids Mini Bobble Head Doll


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Product Description

Yay! Lets Play Mini! Welcome to the Wonderful Lil World of Kindi Kids Minis! These Kids are still BIG in cuteness but have been made Mini! All your favourite best friends that you’ve met are here and they’re ready to take you on some wild imaginary adventures! Still full of Bobbly-Wobbly fun, these fab Kindi Kid Minis come to life in the palm of your hand as their little heads move about! Pop them into your pocket or take the whole squad in your backpack because these fun. KEY FEATURES
6 Assortments Available – Cindy Pop, Lippy Lulu, Marsha Mello, Pirouetta, Rainbow Kate, Summer Peaches
Beautiful Glitter Eyes
3.5” Scale
Mega cute styling with easy location plug holes
Awesome vibrant colours
Posable arms, doll can sit or stand!
Best wobbling and bobbling head ever!